Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dessert... my favorite meal. Ever. Anyone with me?
Then I watched The Biggest Loser and someone said, "treats are OK every once in a while. But they are just that: treats." And then a had an "ah ha!" moment. Thanks for that, BL. We need to "treat treats as treats." Michael Pollan agrees... He said so in Food Rules.
Adam and I would eat dessert almost every night. In fact, we'll still look at each other and say, "what's for dessert?" Instead of having ice cream or cookies, we'll have fruit or yogurt. Or some nights, like last night, I don't even want dessert! Who am I? I've always heard that if you stop eating something regularly, you stop craving it. I guess it's true. Either way, we've made dessert a rare treat for us. Now on the weekend we allow ourselves something sweet. Last week it was an ice cream we found at Whole Foods. I didn't take a picture or write anything down (a very bad blogger, I am!). Next time we get it (which could very well be this weekend), I'll snap a picture!
I'm hoping to attempt one of Lisa's dessert recommendations soon. Anyone else have any guilt-free dessert recipes?

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