Saturday, January 5, 2013

A (delicious) healthy snack!

A friend of mine shared a clean and easy way to eat a pomegranate, so I decided to try it out.
1. Fill a mixing bowl halfway with water.
2. Cut the pomegranate in half.
3. Submerge one half, face down, in the water.
4. Break the pomegranate apart underneath the water. The seeds will sink and the pith will float.
5. After breaking both halves (or as many pomegranates as you have total), scoop out the pith, strain the seeds and voila! You have yourself a yummy, healthy snack!
We have this bowl in our refrigerator so that we can have a quick snack ready at our fingertips!
When I posted this on Instagram, another friend commented and said that if you freeze the pomegranate and then cut it, it's just as easy and mess-free. I'll be trying that next time!

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