Sunday, January 27, 2013

What's in your cabinet?

About a year ago my good friend, Dana, introduced me to an App called Fooducate* and I was instantly hooked. But at the time, I was hooked because it told me how many points a certain product was. It also gave me a list that showed why the product was good/bad, as well as a letter grade for it. Sort of like being back in school...
But since I've started this clean eating thing, I've been so conscious of what we are putting in our bodies, that this App has become a very good friend. You could call me slightly obsessed. Adam's probably tired of hearing me complain about all of these ingredients that I can't even pronounce.This App has helped me so much, though. And it has truly made me realize how bad, and good, certain foods are.  If you have a smartphone, I beg you to download this App. If nothing, but to see what it's all about and get a little inside info on what you're putting in your body. And trust me, I'm nobody to judge, because for the past 26 years I've been putting these "things" in my body, too. But I beg you... I'm pleading with you... Look at the ingredients in the products you're eating. If you can't pronounce anything in the list, chances are you shouldn't be eating it.
Regular peanut butter, in our cabinet right now, gets a "C." In fact, it says, "One of the worst products in its category." SCARY!

Our BBQ sauce gets a C-. Consider me SHOCKED when I saw that. And guess what the number one ingredient is? High Fructose Corn Syrup. That's a whole other story. And there's a nice red exclamation point telling me that it's highly processed. Yikes, yikes, yikes.
Listen, I'm not only eating lettuce and carrots. In fact, our life hasn't really changed much at all. I buy more real foods or cook with real ingredients. It takes a little longer in the grocery store(s) (I shop at more than one to get the real deal foods), but I know that we're going to go to a wedding or birthday party and eat highly processed cake. And we're going to go out to dinner and eat foods cooked with lots of salt and oils, but if I can change what I'M cooking, buying, eating, then I think I'm making one hell of a smart decision. And let me tell you, my body has honestly never felt better!
*Fooducate didn't pay me, offer me free products or even contact me to write this post. I'm just a lover of this App and wanted to share the goodness with you!

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