Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Artificial sweeteners...

I used to be guilty of thinking that if something was sweetened with an artificial sweetener (i.e. Splenda) that it was better for me. Truth is, sugar is sugar. And sugar isn't good for you. This is still a highly controversial topic, but I know that using artificial sweeteners never helped me lose weight. And with that being said, I now avoid them.
I'll leave you with this quote from Food Rules by Michael Pollan.
 For those of you who can't quite see it, it says, "To repeat: Sugar is sugar. And organic sugar is sugar too. As for noncaloric sweeteners such as aspartame or Splenda, research (in both humans and animals) suggest that switching to artificial sweeteners does not lead to weight loss, for reasons not yet well understood. But it may be that deceiving the brain with the reward of sweetness stimulates a craving for even more sweetness."

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