Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Saturday!

This just happened... But it went a little more like this...
Me: I'm really in the mood for frozen yogurt. We haven't had it in months!
Adam: We can go get some if you want...
Me: Really? Yay!
Me (as we're eating sherbet): I don't even want to know the ingredients in this stuff...
That's why this is a journey. And that's why I'll never say, "I don't ever eat processed foods." Because, well, I do sometimes. And sometimes, like today, I don't regret it. Yum! It was a fun afternoon date!

*Update: I do regret it! After writing this blog and feeling extra guilty for eating something that I didn't read the ingredients on first, I decided to do some research. That's where the Food Babe comes in. Check out this article. I don't think I'll ever "crave" frozen yogurt again. But I still think the Bert and Ernie picture is adorable!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Every year for Lent, I always give up something like cookies (sweets), chips or alcohol. But since we started clean-eating in the beginning of January, I decided to make Lent the perfect time to really put the icing on the cake. (Homemade icing, of course!)

Picture from here.
I'd say that Adam and I only eat about 5% of processed foods, if even that much. It mainly happens on the weekend when we are tired and just want a quick, but healthy meal. And for the past month or so, we have headed to the Whole Food's hot bar. Our meals aren't that unhealthy... it's always fish, veggie and quinoa. Not bad, right? Problem is, we aren't 100% sure how they're cooking these foods. And sometimes, we go through the ice cream aisle and come home with a "so-so" dessert. So this year for Lent, we decided to give up all processed foods. Let's call it our 40-day pledge. And for an added bonus, we've also decided we won't eat at the Whole Food's hot bar either!
 Original picture from here.
 I have to admit, zero processed foods is definitely going to be a little difficult for me because I'm going away for a week with my work family. And speaking of family, visiting home (Jacksonville) will be interesting since nobody else cuts out processed foods. I'll let this be a challenge for me... Maybe I can get them to start eating clean, too! :) My plan is to travel fully-loaded with Lara bars, fruits and Trader Joe's 100% whole wheat pretzels. And thank goodness for technology... I'll be checking out Lisa's tips on my iPhone whenever needed!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grocery List

Adam and I are pretty habitual people. With that being said, we also never want to get bored with what we're eating, because I feel like that can lead to poor choices when you're outside your home. So I keep a pretty general grocery list, but try to change up the specifics on it. I decided to blog this because I've had a few friends and family members ask me what we've been eating since cutting out processed foods. Honestly, I feel like we eat more now. I'm full longer (obviously because I'm filling my body with nutritious foods) and our monthly spending has also gone down. How? Let me show you.
Grocery List:Whole wheat bread or pitas
Whole milk, plain yogurt
Whole Milk
Frozen fruit*
100% Pure maple syrup*
Organic Yellow Mustard*
Raw, local honey*
Organic tomato sauce*
Organic, whole milk cheese
Lara bars (Good to keep in your purse/desk at work!)
Organic Hummus (Trader Joe's)
100% Organic whole wheat pasta
Wild-raised fish
Pasture-raised eggs
Organic Sunday bacon
Unsweetened cocoa powder*

I'm sure I'm missing items from that list. But the basic idea is to have staples in the house that you can use for multiple meals.

*Things like the tomato sauce, maple syrup, honey and yellow mustard are items that we only have to buy every couple months because we don't use them often. And when we do use them, it's very little at a time.

*I buy fresh, organic produce for the most part. I try to change up vegetables weekly, but our main veggies are broccoli, green beans, carrots, Brussels sprouts and peas. Our main fruits are bananas, apples, grapes, pomegranate and oranges. But again, I try to switch it out so that we don't get bored.
I'm stressing that because as soon as you're bored with your lifestyle, you will veer off course.

*The frozen fruits are used to make a fruit syrup in our yogurt. I'll be blogging how I do that soon!

*I use the cocoa powder to make hot chocolate. Plain, it is nasty! But I use one tablespoon of the powder and one tablespoon of honey and it is so, so delicious! Sometimes I mix it in whole milk, but for the most part I just use hot water. 
We've definitely been saving money, too. Our weekly grocery bill is about the same, sometimes a little higher, and sometimes a little lower. We rarely eat out now, though. That's where the most savings has come in. We definitely don't deprive ourselves from it, but we try to keep our house full of foods so that we don't want to eat out that much. Plus, we've noticed that as soon as we eat something from a restaurant, we feel very... blah. There really isn't a better word choice than that. I had a girlfriend come in town this past weekend and we had 3-4 meals out. I made really good decisions for the most part, but one night we had dessert and I just felt terrible all night. Yuck. Not worth it in my book!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lunch, lately...

Since we've started cutting out processed foods, our lunch has been the same every day. Lunch meat is no longer something we want to put in our bodies, so we needed to get creative.
Enter the hummus sandwich...
I buy our whole wheat pitas from Trader Joe's. They get two thumbs up in my book!

I use a tablespoon of hummus, then sliced cucumbers and top it with Havarti cheese. It is absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself.
BUT it can get quite boring eating the same thing every day, so we need lunch ideas! This week I bought different cheese (ohhh, I'm really living on the edge!), but we're still using the same pita and cucumbers. What other vegetable can we put on the sammy? And I'm thinking I may need to attempt some homemade soup. That can't be too hard... All ideas and recipes are appreciated!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stuffed Peppers

My cousin, Jamie, posted a picture of peppers on Instagram that she was using to make stuffed peppers that evening. She totally inspired me to step out of the box and try some myself! So, I headed to Whole Foods and picked up a few ingredients that we didn't have in the house.
2 Yellow Peppers
2 Orange Peppers
Black beans (had in the house)
Organic tomato sauce (had in the house)
Organic Mozzarella cheese
It was SO simple to make. It'll definitely become a staple in our weekly meals.
I cut the tops off the peppers and scooped out the inside...
Then, after cooking my black beans and quinoa on the stove (I buy the black beans raw, not canned), I used them to layer in the pepper. First quinoa...
Then the black beans...
Lastly, I topped it with organic tomato sauce and organic mozzarella cheese! I baked them at 350* for about 45 minutes and they were perfect!
The peppers were soft enough to cut, but still had a slight crunch to them. Yum!

Monday, February 4, 2013


Thanks to this whole-wheat pizza recipe on 100 Days of Real Food, we had a delicious movie and pizza night on Saturday!

I was SO impressed that I made our own dough. Yes, it took longer, but the end result was worth every minute! A little organic tomato sauce, organic mozzarella cheese and topped with basil. Yum, yum, yummy!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

So, this happened today...

I won this, y'all! One of my favorite Pure Barre instructors, Melinda, shared with the class that she lost 29lbs through Blast. She mentioned that she was going to be featured in the AJC and we should check her out! Well, her article motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and check out what this workout was all about. So, I "liked" them on Facebook and followed them for a few weeks. Then in the beginning of January they posted this:

So I responded with this...

And then on February 1st, I saw this...

Eeeee!!! I was at work when I saw this on my phone. I may or may not have screamed out loud. I may or may not have jumped up and down. And I definitely sent a scream text to Adam. You know what I'm talking about... ALL CAPS BECAUSE I WAS SCREAMING WITH EXCITEMENT!!! I never win anything. Ever.
Today was my first class and I was SO scared. Luckily, the instructor was awesome and extremely helpful. She explained things before class and checked on me throughout class. And the girls I were next to were also very helpful. I asked too many questions and they were more than happy to help. Yay for fitness support! :)
If you're not familiar with Blast900, it is circuit training where you can burn up to 900 calories in one hour. BLAST = Balanced Level of Aerobic and Strength Training
A direct quote from there website:
"BLAST900 is a fat shredding, muscle toning, personalized group exercise class in which people of every fitness level alternate between cardio on a treadmill and strength training on the floor, each working at their own pace to reach THEIR maximum effort. Our specific formula for creating our class structure is what guarantees each client THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT and will forever change how you look, feel and perform."
They have locations in Atlanta, Athens and Charleston, SC. So, if you live close to any of these locations, I highly recommend you checking it out! Your first class is free!