Monday, December 17, 2012

When life throws you a curve ball...

Make sure you have anti-bacterial wipes on hand! Ugh.
*Picture from here.
Let me backtrack... My typical work day is supposed to be 11-7, but ever since I joined Pure Barre two months ago, I now go into work between 9:30-10am and then go to PB at 12pm for my "lunch break." I'm not a morning person. Never have been, never will be. So, when I discovered the 12pm class and realized all of the teachers at that time were FABulous, I was hooked. So, with that being said... I got to work this morning at 10am only to discover that Little Man* was home sick with a stomach bug. Sick boy = no Pure Barre for this nanny. Boo. Hiss.
I decided to make the best of it because, honestly, there really isn't anything else I could do. I picked up their container of Clorox wipes and went through the entire house and wiped down every inch that could have possibly been touched/licked/breathed on by anyone carrying that icky virus. I then proceeded to wash my hands 5739284032 times today. If I touched my leg, which touched the couch, I washed my hands. If I rubbed Little Man's back, I washed my hands. I carried the container of wipes around with me like I would carry my purse through the mall. It was a necessity.
This is the reasoning behind my blog... Living a healthy lifestyle, while living a normal life, is definitely difficult at times. But you can't control life's little obstacles. So if you hit a road bump today, just brush it off and get right back into it as soon as you can! Let's hope I can make it to my PB class tomorrow... And let's hope that I don't catch any nasty bug.
*Little Man is the six year old I nanny for. Big Brother is the ten year old I nanny for. I'll never use their real names and you'll never see pictures of them. Mainly because, even though their parents wouldn't mind, I don't think it's my place to post their handsome little faces on my public blog. Heck, I don't even post them on my private Facebook or Instagram account. :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What a nice surprise!

Adam and I went out early yesterday morning to finish up our Christmas shopping. We both made a coffee in our Keurig, I grabbed a yogurt, he grabbed a banana and we were on our way. At about 2:30, we were both getting grumpy and realized it was because of our lack of food. Hangry, if you will. So, we decided to head to a small, local restaurant called Souper Jenny. It's a quaint little place that only accepts cash or checks. She has a written menu outside for you to look at before you enter. Typically, there's six soups, two sandwich choices and a few salad choices. Depending on your lunch choice, you may be able to get a side, drink and cookie, too! Adam and I each went with a bowl of soup and sandwich. Imagine my surprise when we walked up and I noticed this...
She has the Points Plus values posted for her soups! What an awesome thing for Jenny to do. I went with the tomato basil goat cheese. At 4 Points Plus for a whole bowl, you can't go wrong! And my goodness, it was heaven on a spoon! Adam had the turkey chili, which was also divine. Next time, I plan to do just the chili as a meal itself. Yummo!
Anyone have local restaurants that cater to Weight Watchers? Wouldn't it be neat if WW had restaurants themselves? Wow, I might be on to something here...
Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! Only five days of work left and then I'm off for 12 days! Wohoo! I'm so ready for the holidays.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Welcome, everyone! I'm Lauren... and this is my husband, Adam.
 Just like you'll read on my sidebar, this blog is about the journey of a wife living a healthy lifestyle. I want this to be a place of inspiration for both myself and my readers. I was engaged in 2010 and spent the year leading up to the wedding as most typical brides do: exercising and watching what I eat (with the help of Weight Watchers). I lost 39 pounds and felt great! Then we got married in November 2011 and I fell onto a slippery slope. I first stopped watching what I was eating, then I slowly stopped working out. Over a year later, I've gained 30lbs. Isn't it crazy how hard you work to take it off and how easy it is to put back on? Well, two months ago I decided that enough was enough. I joined a fitness class called Pure Barre (I'm totally addicted! That's a whole other post...) and started to watch the food I was eating and my portion sizes. I've lost 11.5 pounds and 7.5 inches so far. I decided that I wanted to take this one step further and blog about it. But on top of that, my husband and I are trying our hand at "clean eating." Not that we eat bad now, but we can definitely improve on eating less processed foods and more natural foods. Hello fruits and veggies! There are lots of blogs out there that help with this process, but since I'm a newbie, I thought it would be neat to record my findings along the way. Because I'm sure I'm not the only person trying this right now and it's nice to know you're not alone.
This blog won't be strictly about eating healthy and exercising. Honestly, a healthy lifestyle is about balancing everything in your life. So you'll see posts about fun date nights, trips with friends, time with family and even the occasional work-related topic. Please feel free to leave comments and questions any time you'd like!