Sunday, December 16, 2012

What a nice surprise!

Adam and I went out early yesterday morning to finish up our Christmas shopping. We both made a coffee in our Keurig, I grabbed a yogurt, he grabbed a banana and we were on our way. At about 2:30, we were both getting grumpy and realized it was because of our lack of food. Hangry, if you will. So, we decided to head to a small, local restaurant called Souper Jenny. It's a quaint little place that only accepts cash or checks. She has a written menu outside for you to look at before you enter. Typically, there's six soups, two sandwich choices and a few salad choices. Depending on your lunch choice, you may be able to get a side, drink and cookie, too! Adam and I each went with a bowl of soup and sandwich. Imagine my surprise when we walked up and I noticed this...
She has the Points Plus values posted for her soups! What an awesome thing for Jenny to do. I went with the tomato basil goat cheese. At 4 Points Plus for a whole bowl, you can't go wrong! And my goodness, it was heaven on a spoon! Adam had the turkey chili, which was also divine. Next time, I plan to do just the chili as a meal itself. Yummo!
Anyone have local restaurants that cater to Weight Watchers? Wouldn't it be neat if WW had restaurants themselves? Wow, I might be on to something here...
Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! Only five days of work left and then I'm off for 12 days! Wohoo! I'm so ready for the holidays.

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